What are Platform Lifts?

Platform lifts come in all shapes and sizes, hence why it can often be confusing which one suits the requirements of your business best. Rather than struggling to discover a suitable platform lift, why not let Level Access Lifts discuss the differences between the platform lifts and outline their key advantages?

When it comes to choosing access lifts for your business, you need to consider one that will suit your environment. Level Lifts offer endless options, but this needn’t cause confusion… their access lifts are categorised to make it easier for you to find one that matches your exact requirements.

What is aVertical Platform Lift?

If you’re wondering what the purpose of an access lift is, they quite simply provide access for those who find it difficult to negotiate stairs or inclines. Vertical platform lifts are a fair alternative to any passenger lift, offering suitability for any prams or luggage.

There are countless applications of the access lifts, whether it be to enhance accessibility or to ease the transportation of goods.

What are Cabin Platform Lifts?

Cabin platform lifts are a type of enclosed lift that is controlled automatically, reducing the need for an operator. In terms of appearance, the cabin access lifts are distinguishable, incorporating walls, a ceiling and virtual/physical door.

These lifts work well as disability lifts, transporting passengers who are in wheelchairs or cannot walk far, in a convenient manner.

From Level Lifts, you’ll find these disability lifts in several variations, ranging from the British and Italian Style Low Pit Passenger Lifts to the Shaftless Cabin Lift.

What are Open Platform Lifts?

In contrast to the cabin lifts, the open platform lifts are not enclosed. Transporting passengers in a vertical direction, the open lifts enable everyone to access various levels within multi-storey buildings, regardless of mobility.

If there are various floor levels to contend with, this can be incredibly difficult for wheelchair users to access them- hence why the need for disability lifts (like the open lift) is in high demand. Open lifts are ideal in locations where a ramp isn’t appropriate and won’t suit the aesthetics of your property.

To operate them, continuous pressure is required. You’ll find these access lifts in lightweight, hidden and bespoke styles, so be sure to choose the one that will complement your building.

What are Inclined Platform Lifts?

The inclined platform lifts are also referred to as “wheelchair lifts”. Unlike other lifts, the wheelchair lifts follow the contour or natural curve of the stairs, allowing wheelchair users to transfer between levels with ease.

Any of the wheelchair lifts on the market are tailored to suit the requirements of one wheelchair user, restoring a sense of independence which can often be compromised when they are faced with a flight of stairs!

Mounted on a rail, the wheelchair lifts are a practical installation to make within any business that is spread over more than ground level. The wheelchair lifts are designed to be operated by the wheelchair user themselves or a nearby operator, depending on your specific preferences.

Accommodating even the most diverse needs, Level Lifts provide you with the choice of straight, curved or vertical rising lifts.

What are Goods Lifts?

Goods lifts are perfect for businesses that need to transport heavy loads from one location to the next. These lifts are often suited towards the requirements of larger industries, ensuring that heavy stock is transported efficiently.

Not only do the goods lifts prevent any damage to stock, they speed up the transportation process and eliminate the occurrence of injuries, essentially allowing you to maintain a high-performing workforce. Where in the past, staff would have to carry stock from one area to the next, a goods lift makes it a whole lot easier!

As your go-to supplier of the access lifts, Level Access Lifts cater to all platform lift requirements. They specialise in the Dumb Waiters Lifts, Goods Only Lifts and the Lightwell Lift, allowing you to choose something that complements your working environment.

What are the Advantages?

Disability lifts are an integral addition to make to any building, especially if you’re to provide everyone with equal opportunity. Priced reasonably, the disability lifts are simple to install but perform remarkably well, ensuring that your building is “up to code”.

Any of the lifts supplied by Level Lifts are guaranteed to operate quietly and are safe to use, providing you and passengers with extra peace of mind. In one sense, these lifts can improve the quality of life of those with disabilities, reducing the need to compromise health and safety.

One of the main benefits of a platform lift is that it can maximise feasibility and utilise space effectively.

Level Lifts can provide you with a platform lift that suits your needs and the needs of your customers, so be sure to discuss your requirements in detail with them on 0845 4662 999 today!

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