Why are self-employed jobs better

In the recent past, more and more people are leaving their lucrative corporate jobs to start business ventures on their own. Self-employed jobs are the craze now. People don’t want to work in a highly-stressed work environment, where they have to run aimlessly to meet deadlines. When they have got the wrong person as a boss, it makes their job all the more difficult and messier. Lots of top software companies have reported a steady rate of attrition in the last few years. Most of these people didn’t join other firms; rather, they started their own venture like software consulting, enterprise solutions and the like. What is the reason for this trend? Let us see why these jobs are better than corporate jobs:

Be your own boss

When you are self-employed, you are your own boss; you don’t have to report into anybody and you don’t have any obligation to listen to somebody’s illogical instructions just because he is senior to you. Here, you take your own decision and are answerable to yourself. You become more responsible because the impact your decisions (positive or negative), falls fully on you. You have the freedom to express yourself creatively and try out new solutions that would have never been possible in a corporate atmosphere.

Thinking out of the box

When you work as freelancer or set up your own venture, you are encouraged to think out of the box and are learn the new trends in your field. There is no said instruction manual that you have to follow. In a corporate atmosphere, you have a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and you have a boss to answer to when you deviate slightly from the SOP. Your boundary is fixed here and you are not exposed to the real-life situation where you can learn from practical experience.

No distractions

When you work by yourself, you don’t have to deal with the distractions of office gossip, internal politics, elongated tea and lunch breaks, so-called career defining one to one personal discussions with your supervisors, unnecessary waste of time in commuting to the office and the frustration of being the victim of your supervisor’s mood swings.  When you are self-employed, you set up your goals, you choose your workspace, you get to decide your scope of work, you decide on the deadlines and you take the final call.

More value and more money

As a freelancer, your clients value you more because you are available only for niche projects like consulting or anything that you may choose. You are given creamier projects and you learn to make money online quickly and effectively. You don’t have to accept all assignments that are being offered to you. You can choose only the challenging projects from reputed clients so that you get to learn newer concepts in your field. Due to this, your knowledge improves and you are able to command a higher rate for your future projects based on the improvement in your expertise level in the niche that you have chosen. You become a responsible person because you get to choose the projects that you work and the stakeholders for the same.

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