What to do when there’s a leak

What to do when there’s a leak in the sewer or water lines at your home or business? Well, you can use a smoke pump tester to pour smoke into the pipes to see where it is coming from. From there, you can contact a plumbing service to make the necessary repairs. But, what if the problem isn’t detectable or isn’t on your property. What if the leakage is taking place in several locations. This is when a small tester and a gallon of liquid smoke is not needed. This is when a professional vacuum leak smoke test is required.

The vacuum mentioned here is not like the ones you use at home. This is an industrial vacuum machine manufactured and sold by companies like Hurco Technologies. Normally, they feature diesel-powered engines with the ability to both insert and expel materials at thousands of pounds per square inch (psi). They also tend to come on trailers for easy detachment/attachment if required to be moved to different locations.


When leak tests are done with these units more smoke is pushed through the main lines and any of these connections. As the smoke reaches areas where the line is broken it appears on the surface. Sometimes, due to the inflow of air, the smoke doesn’t exactly appear in the spot where the break is located. Nevertheless, it gives plumbers an opportunity to locate where the issues are.

The next step is to determine how to repair everything. If only in a few places, non-evasive procedures can be used to replace broken pipe without performing digs. However, if the damage is substantial enough and may cause potential damage to the water table, then a complex dig may need to be done. This can cost you or the city several thousand dollars to do. Yet, in the end, the results for you and your neighbors is safe drinking water and common areas.

If you’re concerned about your sewer lines because you’ve heard noises from your toilet or detected rotten food aromas from areas not around your kitchen, then it’s highly recommended to contact a reliable plumbing company to come out and perform a smoke test. Being pro-active may save you thousands of dollars and a good deal of digging.

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