How Fleet Management Software Can Cut Costs

As a fleet manager, you’re most likely always looking for new ways to keep costs low and stay in profit. That means keeping a close eye on your drivers, saving as much money as you can on fuel, and making sure each job is completed quickly, safely, and efficiently, with each customer feeling satisfied enough to come back for future assignments. If you’re managing a fleet that’s large or even medium-sized, all this is a lot to juggle, especially with the unpredictability of fuel costs across the country and the need for consistent driver training across the board.

If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to save money, the best way to go about it is to make the technology you already know and love work for you. As a fleet manager, you’re probably always on the lookout for the newest GPS software and fleet managing technology. Taking the time to sit down and really figure out the best way to make this software work for you can have a huge time and money-saving effect on your company. To get started, here are a few ways you can use fleet management software to save big each year.

Keep Ahead of Repairs with Maintenance Tracking

You’ve already done the work of assembling a great fleet, full of experienced drivers and high-quality vehicles. Now you have to do the hard work of making everything run smoothly so that your business doesn’t sink into debt. While this might seem simple enough to do, most experienced fleet managers know that it’s much harder than it looks. Keeping everything running smoothly is a total balancing act, and anytime you can get a bit of extra help, you’ll want to take it.

Using fleet management software to make your life easier is a great way to delegate responsibility without worrying that the job won’t get done. If you already have fleet management software installed, you’ve set up a system that will alert you to upcoming repairs and maintenance checks for each car. Not only is this a way more effective tactic than scheduling blind checkups or waiting until something goes wrong, it saves a ton of time and money in damage control. Making sure you have routine safety checks in place is a way of keeping your cars running smoothly without any downtime.

Know When to Trade In with Cost Comparison

Fleet management software won’t just help with keeping your cars up and running. If you’re using the right kind of software, you’ll be alerted to a ton of big picture savings possibilities. With your fleet management software, you’ll have a complete, thorough dossier on each car in your fleet. You’ll be able to pull up the total record for a car in a matter of seconds and use this record to compare it to other cars’ performance in the fleet. If you’re seeing a pattern in certain cars when it comes to fuel efficiency or safety issues, you’ll know ahead of time not to keep investing in that model or type. Knowing what’s working and what’s not in your fleet is half the battle of keeping things afloat. If a certain car in your fleet is causing more trouble than its worth, you can use this information to trade in lesser models for newer, better cars that will help your fleet soar into profit.

Increase Safety and Efficiency and Save Big
Using the right fleet management software won’t only save you money. Also, it will save you a ton of headaches. Whether it’s through alerting you of a recall, measuring the productivity of different vehicles in your fleet, or reminding you to head to to purchase fuel cards for your fleet, your software will be working around the clock to keep you aware of what’s actually going on with your business.

When your software is working hard to keep things safe and to prevent damage before it happens, it’s leaving you free to deal with anything else that comes up. It also protects you from having to shell out tons of money in insurance costs or accident fees. Your software allows you to track cars, study movements, keep fleets on route and on schedule, and keep an eye on gas mileage per vehicle. Without it, you’d have to be checking up on all of these things manually, most likely getting a ton of important details lost in the process. With your fleet managing software, you’re saving money by reducing risk and human error on the road.

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