Pavement signs are a marketing tool that can be used on a daily basis. Not only do they enable you to advertise your products and services effectively, you have the opportunity to incorporate a logo, brand and slogan, as well as relevant information, allowing to make your business more recognisable.

When choosing pavement signs, you want to keep it exciting and intriguing, ensuring that they stand out and attract the attention of passers-by.


Not all shops are easy to find, some are more hidden than others. For these shops, there needs to be clear directions for customers to find them; hence where pavement swing signs come in!

Although pavement signs make a statement, they can also point customers in the right direction, ensuring that they find your shop with ease.

Increasing footfall.

If you’re looking to attract more customers to your business, why not consider advertising your products and services creatively? Any signage you use for your business needs to be consistent, make sure that you incorporate any themes and trends throughout all your marketing tools!

By choosing the right sign, you can potentially attract the traffic you deserve, providing customers with an insight into the products and services you provide.

Advertising promotional events.

Upcoming 50% sale? What better way to advertise your sale than a pavement sign from HFE Signs? You’ll find chalk pavement signs which make it easier for you to add information. These signs are exactly what you need if you’re looking for a pavement sign that you can use repeatedly!

Any of the pavement signs from HFE Signs are used as an enticing promotional tool, enabling you to personalise them and to highlight your upcoming exclusive offers or “flash sale”.

Clear messaging.

The pavement signs are not only perfect for stopping passers-by in their tracks- they can be used as a clever marketing tool. Depending on the message that your signage reads, you’ll increase the footfall to your business, allowing you to generate more profits.

Don’t be scared to make your pavement signs unique, choose something that is guaranteed to capture the attention of busy passers-by! Often, unique pavement signs end up splattered across social media channels- raising even more brand awareness for your business.

Making presence known.

Be sure to let customers know that you’re there! Your pavement signs need to grab the attention of strangers, encouraging them to stop and read your sign, potentially following the instructions provided.

The pavement signs provided by HFE Signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making it easier for you to create the right first impression for new customers. The signs that are used outdoors need to be weatherproof, ensuring that they maintain their high-quality appearance.

If you’re looking to upgrade your pavement signs, you cannot go wrong with the extensive range of signs supplied by HFE Signs!

HFE Signs provide swing signs, A-boards, chalk signs and budget pavement signs, so you needn’t worry about finding something suitable.
Check out the range of pavement signs here!


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